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Mix it up! Why hairpieces are a great fashion accessory

When most people speak about mixing it up with a new style, they often mean they’re going to wear a different shade of lipstick, or maybe try a pencil skirt instead of their usual A-Line style. However, despite their need to try new things, more often than not they will ask their hairdresser for the ‘usual’ at each visit… and continue to wear it in a basic ponytail for the better part of the week.

Changing their entire hairstyle is not something many people take lightly. Although they may desire a blunt fringe or coloured streaks, these things require constant maintenance, which many of us don’t have time for in this 24-hour-news-cycle world we now inhabit.

Hairpieces are a fantastic alternative for women who want to look good but don’t have the expertise or time to do their hair the way they want. With hairpieces, you can achieve a just stepped out of the salon look for yourself without the high cost of regular salon visits. Here are some of our favourite ways to create different looks:

The need for regular cuts makes a blunt fringe a pain to maintain and an even bigger pain to grow out, but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out completely. A clip in fringe can add new framing to your face with no strings attached. The great thing about these is that you just clip it into position and never have to deal with the pain of your fringe falling into your eyes again.

Have you ever wanted coloured highlights in your hair but aren’t up for bleaching your hair to get the colour you want? Or maybe your boss isn’t so keen on coloured hair in the boardroom? Temporary foils are a fantastic way to have pink streaks on Saturday night and go straight back to your natural colour come Monday morning.

Cheerleaders always have those perfect, perky ponytails that turn us green with envy. With their perfect curl and otherworldly bounce, they’re difficult to achieve without professional help… or are they? Bounce hairpieces make you the hair-envy of everyone around you, they never need to know that all you did was clip it in!

Once upon a time extensions were synonymous with the kind of ratty, obvious clip ins that the girls of Jersey Shore wore. Fortunately, those times are behind us and you can have long, thick hair instantly, leaving your friends none-the-wiser. Just make sure you pick an exact match for best results.

So when you’re next trying a new eye shadow colour, why not consider a clip in fringe, fun foil highlights or a bounce hairpiece to really make a statement?

Starkles has a great range of clip in hairpieces to jazz up your look without long-term commitment. All accessories come in a range of shades, so there’s bound to be something that suits your natural colour.