Hair Loss Solutions for Confidence

Discover a world of confidence at Starkles! At Starkles, we’re more than just a local family-owned business – we’re your trusted partner in finding solutions for hair loss. We understand the emotional impact that hair loss can have, which is why we offer a wide range of beautiful medical wigs, bamboo headwear, natural hair top […]

The Best Ways to Secure Your Wig: Keep Your Tresses in Place with Confidence

Wigs offer a versatile solution for changing up your hairstyle or addressing hair-related concerns. Whether you wear wigs for fashion, medical reasons, or personal preference, it’s important to know how to secure your wig properly for a natural and comfortable fit. This post will explore some of the best techniques and products to help you […]

The Power of Turbans: Supporting Cancer Patients with Stylish Bamboo Headwear

Powerful, stylish, and empowering – these are just a few words that come to mind when we think of turbans. But did you know that turbans also play a significant role in supporting cancer patients? For those undergoing the challenging journey of battling cancer, finding ways to feel beautiful and confident can make all the […]

Wigs – Toppers – Hairpieces – Headwear. What’s right for me?

The world of alternative hair can be confusing. Where does one start when faced with terminology like wigs, lace front wigs, synthetic wigs, human hair wigs, toppers, hairpieces and headwear? What do I need? What’s going to fulfill my needs? Let us break it down for you. Wigs are a complete cap that covers your […]

What are human hair toppers?

Human hair toppers are hair additions that clip into your own biological hair with hidden snap clips, giving you extra coverage on the crown and additional thickness in the lengths. Toppers are designed for a variety of different hair concerns. Whether you have dreaded fine hair and want a little fullness or you suffer from […]