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6 Myths about wearing wigs

As your trusted wig experts for over 12 years, we wanted to share with you six common misconceptions when it comes to wigs. Modern wigs whether they’re for fashion or hair loss don’t often get the proper, positive recognition they deserve and what you’re about to read, may surprise you.

Wigs are hot and itchy
This is probably the most prevalent myth about wigs and while yes, it may have had some truth to it years ago, wig technology has come a long way and we guarantee you that modern wigs have a variety of different cap constructions to help with breathability and comfort. For complete hair loss we recommend wearing a medical cap under your wig. This will help with any scalp sensitivity you may be experiencing due to chemo treatment and make wearing a wig more comfortable. On really hot days you can even wet the medical cap and put it on under your wig, helping to regulate body temperature.

Wigs are expensive
While some wigs come with hefty price tags, there is something to suit every budget. We offer free wig consultations and fittings at our stores and, because we believe everyone should have the right wig for them, Starkles now offers AfterPay. Walk out with your wig on the day you select it and pay it off in 4 interest free instalments paid fortnightly.

Wigs are a nightmare to put on and fall off easily
Fitting a wig at first might seem a bit foreign, but you’ll get the hang of it after a couple of go’s and will be slipping it on and off without a second thought in no time. The right fit will withstand even the gustiest of winds. Many people think tightening your wig will secure it but in actual fact if a wig is adjusted too tightly it will give you a headache and actually cause the wig to ride up from the forehead, in effect causing a wardrobe malfunction! You want a snug fit but nothing too tight.

Human hair wigs are the only wigs worth considering
There are benefits to every kind of wig and with technology and innovation, synthetic wigs are just as good, if not sometimes an even better choice than human hair wigs. Synthetic wigs are pre-styled, saving you time in the morning and only need to be washed every 20-25 wears as they don’t absorb the oils from your scalp like your natural hair does. The best part about synthetic wigs is, once washed they will look exactly like they did before they were washed! No styling necessary just wash and wear, unlike their human hair counterparts which require styling every time they are washed to look good.

Wigs have many styling limitations
Women today require versatility in their style and like to know they can change their look often. There are hundreds of different style wigs on the market today, synthetic wigs that can’t be heat styled, heat defiant synthetic styles and of course human hair wigs. Synthetic wigs especially those with monofilament caps have multidirectional parts allowing you to easily change to look. You can even pin pieces up with bobby pins or tuck one side behind your ear to change up the look. Alternatively there are heat defiant lace front wigs which you can change the style of by using straightening irons and curling wands. Lace front wigs also allow you to pull the hair completely off the face, looking the most natural around the hairline. And finally you have human hair wigs that can be cut, coloured and styled as you like. The possibilities are endless.

Everyone will know I’m wearing a wig!
We want your little secret to stay just that: a secret, so we only stock wigs that we know will fool everyone around you into believing that your wig is your real hair. Synthetic wigs are no longer made with that sparkly, plastic-y look that they once were and wig caps are now designed to encourage natural looking hair movement.

Ready to take the plunge? Visit one of our showrooms in Brisbane or the Gold Coast today.

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Mix it up! Why hairpieces are a great fashion accessory

When most people speak about mixing it up with a new style, they often mean they’re going to wear a different shade of lipstick, or maybe try a pencil skirt instead of their usual A-Line style. However, despite their need to try new things, more often than not they will ask their hairdresser for the ‘usual’ at each visit… and continue to wear it in a basic ponytail for the better part of the week.

Changing their entire hairstyle is not something many people take lightly. Although they may desire a blunt fringe or coloured streaks, these things require constant maintenance, which many of us don’t have time for in this 24-hour-news-cycle world we now inhabit.

Hairpieces are a fantastic alternative for women who want to look good but don’t have the expertise or time to do their hair the way they want. With hairpieces, you can achieve a just stepped out of the salon look for yourself without the high cost of regular salon visits. Here are some of our favourite ways to create different looks:

The need for regular cuts makes a blunt fringe a pain to maintain and an even bigger pain to grow out, but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out completely. A clip in fringe can add new framing to your face with no strings attached. The great thing about these is that you just clip it into position and never have to deal with the pain of your fringe falling into your eyes again.

Have you ever wanted coloured highlights in your hair but aren’t up for bleaching your hair to get the colour you want? Or maybe your boss isn’t so keen on coloured hair in the boardroom? Temporary foils are a fantastic way to have pink streaks on Saturday night and go straight back to your natural colour come Monday morning.

Cheerleaders always have those perfect, perky ponytails that turn us green with envy. With their perfect curl and otherworldly bounce, they’re difficult to achieve without professional help… or are they? Bounce hairpieces make you the hair-envy of everyone around you, they never need to know that all you did was clip it in!

Once upon a time extensions were synonymous with the kind of ratty, obvious clip ins that the girls of Jersey Shore wore. Fortunately, those times are behind us and you can have long, thick hair instantly, leaving your friends none-the-wiser. Just make sure you pick an exact match for best results.

So when you’re next trying a new eye shadow colour, why not consider a clip in fringe, fun foil highlights or a bounce hairpiece to really make a statement?

Starkles has a great range of clip in hairpieces to jazz up your look without long-term commitment. All accessories come in a range of shades, so there’s bound to be something that suits your natural colour.

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Wigs throughout history

Wigs have a bit of a hairy reputation. Historically, they’ve been seen as itchy, difficult to look after and easy to spot when someone is wearing one! Well, the days of ratty looking wigs that look like they’re made of horse hair may be over, but they’ve got tales as long as Rapunzel’s mane to tell.

Wig like an Egyptian

In the early days of wigs, they were used to protect the bald scalps of ancient Egyptians from the blistering desert sun. They were attached using resin and beeswax. It was also common for hair pieces or wigs to be attached to mummies, as ancient Egyptians believed that it was important to make a good first impression in the afterlife.

A king cannot be bald!

Wigs lost popularity for several centuries, but reappeared in the 16th century as a means to hide hair loss and make the wearer feel more beautiful. Due to the poor hygiene of the period, many people willingly shaved their hair off and wore wigs to protect themselves from lice. They were particularly popular with royal families across Europe. Queen Elizabeth I favoured a tightly curled red wig, while King Louis XIII of France made wigs fashionable for men when he suffered premature balding.

Let them wear wigs

The 18th century was famous for white or off-white wigs worn by men and grey or blue-grey hair pieces and wigs by women. Marie Antoinette is one such historical figure who favoured this extravagant look in her court, where women and men wore elaborate wigs that often weighed several kilograms. Not surprisingly, the elaborate coiffures fell out of fashion at the beginning of the French Revolution. The off-white men’s wigs of this period were also worn by several professions as part of their official uniforms, a tradition that continues today in many courts of law.

Prepare for a hairy battle

One of the strangest professions in which a wig was worn was by military officers in the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries. Across Europe, many military uniforms were similar to civilian clothing with a few special additions, which included officers wearing wigs to reflect those fashions. This meant full-bottomed natural-coloured wigs in the late 17th century and the powdered off-white wigs in the early 18th century. Once again, these wigs fell out of fashion following the French Revolution.

The only wig you’ll ever notice is a bad one. Starkles only stocks the best quality designer brand wigs. If you’re interested in trying a whole new hairstyle, risk free, then why not visit one of our stores for a consultation with a wig expert today.

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Feel beautiful again: How a wig can restore your confidence

As much as you might tell yourself that you’re not that attached to your hair, sudden changes to your physical appearance can be emotionally and physically overwhelming. Looking in the mirror can become a challenge and reaching up to run your fingers through something that is no longer there can be a shock, especially if the hair loss was quite sudden.

Many women take to wearing beanies and baseball caps in an attempt to shrink into the background. But with medical experts always touting on about how positive mental health can be a huge benefit to any recovery process, why not consider something that will make you feel like your best self?

Considering a wig might be daunting and can make you wonder if you’d be an imposter under a full mane that you didn’t grow yourself, but a comfortable and stylish wig or piece of fashionable headwear can dramatically reduce stress, discomfort and restore your self-confidence.

Modern wigs aren’t anything like their uncomfortable, itchy ancestors and come in a great range of colours and styles.

You could go for something similar to the hair you might have had in the past, perhaps in a style you wore frequently, such as a pixie cut or bob, to help you feel like yourself again as well as making mornings before work, family and other commitments simple. A wig expert can help find a match identical to your natural hair colour and find a style to suit your lifestyle.

Feeling like a change? While sticking with your natural hair colour is great for some, others prefer to take this as an opportunity to experiment with their look. Maybe you’ve always dreamed of going blonde or having a blunt fringe? A wig professional can help you find something that makes you feel wonderful again.

For women looking for a wig alternative, a turban or colourful headwear can be a great fashion-forward choice.

Being confident in your own skin (and hair) is an important part of every woman’s self-esteem and a wig could be the boost you’re seeking.

Starkles has been helping women suffering hair loss feel comfortable again in their own skin for over a decade. Our professional and discreet team are skilled in finding the right choice for you, whether it be a natural looking pre-styled wig or a stylish turban, to make you feel like yourself again.

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Making Wig Shopping More Enjoyable

Hair loss, no matter the circumstances, can be traumatic for a woman. Our hair is inexplicably linked to our femininity and often our sense of identity, it’s something we care for and take pride in and to lose it suddenly, despite knowing it is going to happen, can be frustrating and devastating. Much of that frustration can stem from knowing that your hair shouldn’t be your biggest concern, but the physical marker of losing it can often cement exactly what you’re body is going through. Many women seek out wigs to feel ‘normal’ again, as well as a way to protect themselves from the constant stares of strangers. While the idea of buying a wig can seem daunting, there are several steps you can take to make it a more enjoyable experience.

Get inspired
Look at magazines and let yourself be swayed by the hair of your favourite celebrities or your friends. Take in pictures of hairstyles and colours you like and ask the wig store staff to assist you in finding something similar to those pictures. This is a great time to take risks, because unlike a haircut, you can just take the wig straight off and try something new.

Bring a friend
Wig buying should be as fun as clothes or make up shopping, so bring a friend and make a fun afternoon of it. Try on wigs in styles or colours you’d never consider, giggle, make jokes and critique everything in the way you’d critique a skirt or scarf. Your friend can also act as moral support if your mood changes throughout the day.

Do some research
Wigs, like most other women’s beauty items, can range from cheap and cheerful through to several thousand dollars. More expensive doesn’t necessarily mean better quality, but be prepared to spend a little bit to get something quality. We recommend looking at pre-styled wigs, as they are easier to maintain and require less effort in the morning than a real hair wig

Treat a wig like a fashion accessory
You don’t have just one lipstick or one necklace, so don’t feel like you need to restrict yourself to one wig. Buy one just for special occasions, buy different colours and styles, consider a fun one for those days when you really need a mood-lifter, perhaps a bright neon colour or something that makes you feel like a superstar? Consider both your wants and needs during the purchasing process because wearing a wig should bring you joy, not be a burden.

Ask the staff
If you’ve tried on what feels like thousands of wigs and can’t find the perfect one for you, ask the staff. They have helped countless other women find the right wig and they can definitely help you. They’ll assist you in finding something that is flattering, natural looking and makes you feel beautiful.

Have it fitted to you
Getting the fit right is essential. All Starkles wigs are adjustable to help you achieve the perfect fit, so once you’ve found the wig for you, ask a staff member to help you fit it to your head. They’ll even be able to show you how to make it look more natural and help you find the right wig cap for your needs. By having it fitted in store, you’ll walk out feeling more confident in wearing your new wig.

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How will I know when my friend is ready?

Watching your friend go through cancer or any similar major health issue can be difficult. You want to help, to be there and be the support they need, but it’s easy to misstep and make them feel uncomfortable or forced into doing something that you believe will cheer them up. We see this regularly at Starkles in the form of well-meaning, loving friends and family who want to help their friend feel better about their hair loss so we’ve compiled some ways to know your friend is ready so that their experience at a wig salon is enjoyable and not traumatic.

When you suggest it
Sometimes it’s not something that a person has thought of and it takes a friend to bring it up. However, while it’s fine to suggest the idea of seeking out a wig or head covering, it’s essential that you step back if they say no. It might be that they’re still processing what they’re going through and aren’t ready to accept it or they may never be ready. Give them some time and bring up the idea again at a later date, perhaps when they’re feeling better about the entire situation.

When they tell you they’re ready
Everyone reacts to hair loss differently. Some people embrace their new look and walk proudly down the street without any hair while others find the process traumatic and shy away from friends and family during this time. While you may think you’d react differently, this time isn’t about what you’d do, so put yourself in their shoes and let them take the lead with their appearance during this time. They may wake up randomly one day and just know they want a wig. All you need to do is be there when that happens.

When they’re past the initial shock
Looking in the mirror and seeing something you’re not used to can leave a patient feeling overwhelmed, especially when they’re trying to deal with everything else going on with their health. It cements what they’re going through, rather than being specifically about their vanity. Try helping them feel beautiful in other ways before you approach the topic of wigs, perhaps starting with a manicure or something that isn’t related to their face and hair. It can take baby steps for someone to feel confident in their appearance again, so help the get there by starting small.

When they don’t feel the pressure
The last thing anyone wants to hear while they lose their hair is that “things could be worse” or that “their hair will grow back”, as it can make someone feel pressure to stop feeling sad, making them more upset. Undermining someone’s trauma may find your well meaning efforts ditched for the kind of support they need from others. It’s ok to be upset, so let your friend know that you’re there to lend an ear while they cry over their hair loss, as silly as they might think they seem. It can relieve some of the pressure and help them come around to the idea of a wig.

Listen for cues from your friend and remember that any time that they say is the time is the right time for them. When they’re ready, offer to drive and make a day of it. Wig shopping should be an enjoyable experience, but it won’t be until they’re ready for it.

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How to Make Your Wig Look Natural

A lot of women and men are hesitant about wearing a wig, they are worried it might fall off or that it will be difficult to look after, but more than that, they’re concerned about it looking like a wig and not natural hair. A wig that looks like a wig kind of defeats the purpose of wearing one in the first place for most wearers, unless of course you’ve chosen a neon pink beehive, at which point you may be out of luck. But with a little smart, forward thinking, you can ensure your wig looks healthy, natural and full bodied in the way your dream hair should be. If you want your wig to feel and act like real hair, follow our tips below:

Position it carefully
Where you position your wig is crucial to making it look more natural. Start by placing the front of the wig low on your forehead, close to your eyebrows, then pull it back over your head, adjusting it as you go until the base sits at the nape of your neck. The two tabs with flexi-craft wire should sit on your temples and mould in towards the face, which will happen if you have your wig on straight. Finally, slide the hairline of the wig back to your natural hairline. If it’s sitting too low or too far back on your forehead, it will not only look awkward, it’s also more likely to shift out of place during the day, which is not what we want! You also need to adjust the wig’s cap to be firm but not too tight, as this can cause headaches or force the wig to ride up, revealing your secret. All Starkles wigs have adjustable straps to provide a tailored fit.

Check your brushing technique
Combing or brushing your wig flat will quickly make it look fake. You want your wig to look natural and real hair never looks like it does on TV, it has texture and movement. Hold your wig in your hand and shake it upside down, then put it on and use a wire brush (as this prevents any static electricity and prolongs the life of synthetic fibre) to style it. Remembering to brush gently, as a wig cannot take the same pressure that natural hair can.

Don’t be afraid of your fingers
Running your fingers through your wig can help create body and movement which will mimic that of natural hair. Giving it a little rustle with your fingers, in the way women often do when trying to fan out their fringe to give it an instant lift when you’re out and about. Often you can style a synthetic wig with your fingers alone.

Give it a little TLC
Keeping your wig in its best condition doesn’t take much effort, and if cared for correctly will look brand new for a long time. Ensure you always brush synthetic wigs with a wig-friendly wire brush and wash it every 20-25 wears with products specially formulated for synthetic hair. We also recommend spraying your wig with the Starkles sheen spray every six wears to maintain shine and healthy looking fibres. Synthetic wigs must be hand washed in cold water, as hot water can damage them.

Store it correctly
Proper storage is essential to keep your wig looking beautiful. Sleeping with your wig on is not something we recommend at Starkles, as this will damage the fibre. When you first put a wig on you may find a small pocket of air at the base of the crown. This will settle down with the heat from your scalp after about 10 minutes. Store your wig on a collapsible wig stand to help it maintain your head shape, stop that pesky pocket of air coming back and allow it to aerate. Be sure to keep your synthetic wig away from heaters and lamps and ovens as heat will singe the fibres. We recommend keeping it somewhere cool and dry, like your closet or dressing table for longer term storage.

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When to Get a Wig – Before or After Hair Loss?

Sitting in the Drs Surgery and being told your chemotherapy/radiation treatment will cause hair loss can be emotionally overwhelming, but it’s the time after you leave, that can often be the most confusing. For some, the days roll by and the hair doesn’t look like it’s going to fall out. This can leave many women with a glimmer of hope, did the Dr get it wrong? Am I one of the exceptions? Whether it falls out quickly or takes some time, we are often asked the same questions: Is it best to choose a wig and headwear before or after I lose my hair? Will a wig fit as well if I chose one while I still have my hair?

Searching for hair loss solutions while you still have your hair can feel rather confronting but in our experience we have found being equipped is far more favourable than waking up one morning with just a bald head and nothing to put on it. A ‘back up plan’ can help to put your mind at ease, knowing when that day comes you are prepared.

Traitement médical - DialogueThe majority of us are unaware that 80% of women wear wigs for fashion not medical purposes. This means, they can be worn when you have hair and when you don’t. Naturally, they will fit slightly different when you lose your hair, as the volume under your wig will be lost, but all wigs come with adjustable caps making it easy to achieve a comfortable fit throughout your transition.

Chemotherapy and radiation may cause scalp sensitivity and wearing a wig can feel a little scratchy on a bald head. This is where a medical cap is a true lifesaver. Designed especially for hair loss from cancer, this small cap is worn under a wig for added comfort. Suitable only for those with complete hair loss these caps can also be wet down with water, wrung out and placed under a wig to help keep you cool. On really hot days you can even place them in the freezer for twenty minutes prior to wearing them.

Throughout your hair loss journey one thing is for sure, the Starkles professionals are here to help make the transition as smooth as possible by giving you the tools you need to take back the confidence cancer has taken away.

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Turbans & Headwear for Hair Loss in Australia

When first diagnosed with the dreaded ‘’C’’ word, it can be incredibly overwhelming both physically and emotionally. Chemotherapy, radiation, hair loss, eyebrow loss, this treatment, that treatment, the list is endless, with so many things to think about. Many women say they can handle losing a breast but not their hair and when it comes to finding the ideal head covering it seems the choices are limited as not everyone wants to wear a wig. For this reason we have made it our mission to not only source but design & develop some of the most stylish & innovative turbans, hats & headwear designed especially for hair loss with full head coverage and comfort our main priority. 

As women, our hair forms a huge part of our identity and when it’s gone, we can be left feeling less of a women. Take back the confidence cancer has taken away with beautiful headwear by Starkles. Much of our range is Australian made on the Gold Coast & Brisbane and fashioned from the finest materials such as bamboo. This hyper allogenic fibre is as soft as silk and will keep you cool in summer and warm in winter. We at Starkles believe it’s equally as important to offer affordable headwear and for this reason all of our turbans and head coverings are under $49.95 with the majority only $39.95 enabling you to look good and feel better.

Not into fancy, fiddly, time consuming scarf tying techniques? No problem, as many of the turbans come as two piece sets with the turban and an accent band that’s already pre tied and simply gets placed over the turban to give a more stylish look. Many of these are headbands and some attach with velcro. If you are feeling really adventurous you can always tie a scarf over your turban or add a big broach to create numerous different looks. The possibilities are endless and whether you’re creative or not you will be able to find the perfect head covering at compliment any wardrobe.


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Alopecia – Hiding my condition affected my confidence

Hi, I’m Abby Andrew Shaffer, and I have alopecia. I host a YouTube channel that focuses on topics related to my hair loss and wearing wigs.
I began to lose my hair when I was two. For the first few years, I hardly thought about it.  But, as I got older, I became increasingly self-conscious about my condition. I was fortunate that there were such great, stylish wigs available, so that only my closest friends were aware that I had alopecia.  But, it was still a struggle.  As a teenager, I worried about people figuring out I wore wigs and how I would be perceived.
In our culture, hair is such an important part of our identity, especially in our perceptions of femininity.  What did it mean to be bald as a woman?  As I approached the time I would go away to college, I fretted constantly over how I would handle this in a new environment where I lived with strangers and met new people on a daily basis.
Of course, once there, I made new friends and it all worked out.  But, I began to notice the stifling effect that hiding my condition had on my confidence.  So, I made the decision to go public.  I started by posting about my alopecia on Facebook—there was no going back after that.   And then I created my YouTube channel to talk about my experiences, both negative and, surprisingly, positive.  After all, I get to choose on a daily basis whether I’m blonde or brunette, have a short pixie cut or long curls.
You can find my YouTube channel “Abby Andrew” at