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Feel beautiful again: How a wig can restore your confidence

As much as you might tell yourself that you’re not that attached to your hair, sudden changes to your physical appearance can be emotionally and physically overwhelming. Looking in the mirror can become a challenge and reaching up to run your fingers through something that is no longer there can be a shock, especially if the hair loss was quite sudden.

Many women take to wearing beanies and baseball caps in an attempt to shrink into the background. But with medical experts always touting on about how positive mental health can be a huge benefit to any recovery process, why not consider something that will make you feel like your best self?

Considering a wig might be daunting and can make you wonder if you’d be an imposter under a full mane that you didn’t grow yourself, but a comfortable and stylish wig or piece of fashionable headwear can dramatically reduce stress, discomfort and restore your self-confidence.

Modern wigs aren’t anything like their uncomfortable, itchy ancestors and come in a great range of colours and styles.

You could go for something similar to the hair you might have had in the past, perhaps in a style you wore frequently, such as a pixie cut or bob, to help you feel like yourself again as well as making mornings before work, family and other commitments simple. A wig expert can help find a match identical to your natural hair colour and find a style to suit your lifestyle.

Feeling like a change? While sticking with your natural hair colour is great for some, others prefer to take this as an opportunity to experiment with their look. Maybe you’ve always dreamed of going blonde or having a blunt fringe? A wig professional can help you find something that makes you feel wonderful again.

For women looking for a wig alternative, a turban or colourful headwear can be a great fashion-forward choice.

Being confident in your own skin (and hair) is an important part of every woman’s self-esteem and a wig could be the boost you’re seeking.

Starkles has been helping women suffering hair loss feel comfortable again in their own skin for over a decade. Our professional and discreet team are skilled in finding the right choice for you, whether it be a natural looking pre-styled wig or a stylish turban, to make you feel like yourself again.