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What are human hair toppers?

Human hair toppers are hair additions that clip into your own biological hair with hidden snap clips, giving you extra coverage on the crown and additional thickness in the lengths. Toppers are designed for a variety of different hair concerns. Whether you have dreaded fine hair and want a little fullness or you suffer from alopecia toppers are the ultimate hair loss solution and are made for every stage of hair loss. From early-to-mid-to-progressive, there are different base constructions and sizes to keep you covered and feeling confident.

What if the snap clips are positioned on the topper where you have a bald patch and you can’t secure it, you ask? Fear not, for every topper is designed with this in mind and the snap clips can be easily removed and repositioned allowing you to get the perfect secure fit. Human hair toppers are more versatile than their synthetic counterparts because they can be heat styled. You can easily create a straight style one day and beachy waves the next with ease. These revolutionary pieces come in a large variety of colours but if the range isn’t a perfect match to your biological hair the topper can be custom coloured and cut for an even more seamless look.

Did you know putting your hair up into a ponytail with a human hair topper is a breeze because toppers only attach to the crown (top) of the head allowing you to put your hair up effortlessly? All of our human hair toppers have a monofilament base construction, meaning the hair is individually tied into a clear mesh base so the hair looks like it’s actually growing out of your scalp.

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