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Turbans & Headwear for Hair Loss in Australia

When first diagnosed with the dreaded ‘’C’’ word, it can be incredibly overwhelming both physically and emotionally. Chemotherapy, radiation, hair loss, eyebrow loss, this treatment, that treatment, the list is endless, with so many things to think about. Many women say they can handle losing a breast but not their hair and when it comes to finding the ideal head covering it seems the choices are limited as not everyone wants to wear a wig. For this reason we have made it our mission to not only source but design & develop some of the most stylish & innovative turbans, hats & headwear designed especially for hair loss with full head coverage and comfort our main priority. 

As women, our hair forms a huge part of our identity and when it’s gone, we can be left feeling less of a women. Take back the confidence cancer has taken away with beautiful headwear by Starkles. Much of our range is Australian made on the Gold Coast & Brisbane and fashioned from the finest materials such as bamboo. This hyper allogenic fibre is as soft as silk and will keep you cool in summer and warm in winter. We at Starkles believe it’s equally as important to offer affordable headwear and for this reason all of our turbans and head coverings are under $49.95 with the majority only $39.95 enabling you to look good and feel better.

Not into fancy, fiddly, time consuming scarf tying techniques? No problem, as many of the turbans come as two piece sets with the turban and an accent band that’s already pre tied and simply gets placed over the turban to give a more stylish look. Many of these are headbands and some attach with velcro. If you are feeling really adventurous you can always tie a scarf over your turban or add a big broach to create numerous different looks. The possibilities are endless and whether you’re creative or not you will be able to find the perfect head covering at compliment any wardrobe.