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How to Make Your Wig Look Natural

A lot of women and men are hesitant about wearing a wig, they are worried it might fall off or that it will be difficult to look after, but more than that, they’re concerned about it looking like a wig and not natural hair. A wig that looks like a wig kind of defeats the purpose of wearing one in the first place for most wearers, unless of course you’ve chosen a neon pink beehive, at which point you may be out of luck. But with a little smart, forward thinking, you can ensure your wig looks healthy, natural and full bodied in the way your dream hair should be. If you want your wig to feel and act like real hair, follow our tips below:

Position it carefully
Where you position your wig is crucial to making it look more natural. Start by placing the front of the wig low on your forehead, close to your eyebrows, then pull it back over your head, adjusting it as you go until the base sits at the nape of your neck. The two tabs with flexi-craft wire should sit on your temples and mould in towards the face, which will happen if you have your wig on straight. Finally, slide the hairline of the wig back to your natural hairline. If it’s sitting too low or too far back on your forehead, it will not only look awkward, it’s also more likely to shift out of place during the day, which is not what we want! You also need to adjust the wig’s cap to be firm but not too tight, as this can cause headaches or force the wig to ride up, revealing your secret. All Starkles wigs have adjustable straps to provide a tailored fit.

Check your brushing technique
Combing or brushing your wig flat will quickly make it look fake. You want your wig to look natural and real hair never looks like it does on TV, it has texture and movement. Hold your wig in your hand and shake it upside down, then put it on and use a wire brush (as this prevents any static electricity and prolongs the life of synthetic fibre) to style it. Remembering to brush gently, as a wig cannot take the same pressure that natural hair can.

Don’t be afraid of your fingers
Running your fingers through your wig can help create body and movement which will mimic that of natural hair. Giving it a little rustle with your fingers, in the way women often do when trying to fan out their fringe to give it an instant lift when you’re out and about. Often you can style a synthetic wig with your fingers alone.

Give it a little TLC
Keeping your wig in its best condition doesn’t take much effort, and if cared for correctly will look brand new for a long time. Ensure you always brush synthetic wigs with a wig-friendly wire brush and wash it every 20-25 wears with products specially formulated for synthetic hair. We also recommend spraying your wig with the Starkles sheen spray every six wears to maintain shine and healthy looking fibres. Synthetic wigs must be hand washed in cold water, as hot water can damage them.

Store it correctly
Proper storage is essential to keep your wig looking beautiful. Sleeping with your wig on is not something we recommend at Starkles, as this will damage the fibre. When you first put a wig on you may find a small pocket of air at the base of the crown. This will settle down with the heat from your scalp after about 10 minutes. Store your wig on a collapsible wig stand to help it maintain your head shape, stop that pesky pocket of air coming back and allow it to aerate. Be sure to keep your synthetic wig away from heaters and lamps and ovens as heat will singe the fibres. We recommend keeping it somewhere cool and dry, like your closet or dressing table for longer term storage.